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Web Development: Whether it’s a website redesign or a simple page update, our team will help you achieve the best results possible. Our services include Competitor’s Analysis, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), SEO, Responsive Web Designs, Copywriting, and Content Curation.

Graphic Design: Your brand's logo is the image that represents your business. The right logo can help build your company's identity, and ours is a reflection of our dedication to deliver innovative designs to meet your needs. Our services include Competitor Analysis, Trend Analysis, Colour and Font Psychology Analysis, Digital Assets (logo plus icon logo).

Creative: We will provide you with a one-stop-shop for all of your creative needs. We work with you to identify the right content and curate it in a way that's relevant to your audience. Our team of designers, photographers, and stylists work together to create content that is beautiful and innovative, while remaining true to your vision.


Garment Design: We hire only the best. Our team consists of passionate, creative individuals with years of experience in the fashion industry. These services include but are not limited to sourcing wholesale blanks, screen printing, DTG and embroidery, product development (cut and sew and 3D rendering options), pattern, grading and marker development, and creation of a technical package.

Interior Design: We've spent years perfecting the art of designing spaces that are both functional and visually appealing. Whether your style is traditional, modern or transitional, our team can work with you to create a living space that fits your personality, lifestyle, and budget. Services include but are not limited to stage design, spatial design, office layout, and design, and store-front merchandising.

Product Design: Making products come to life. We can build products from your imagination or help you get a branded product you want to sell. The process involves the product concept and ideation, prototyping, detailed specifications on the design, pre-production, then it goes into manufacturing. Not only limited to products, Singh Studio also creates package designs, label designs, and much more.


Social Media Marketing: Social media is an essential part of the lives of most people, and it's growing faster than ever. Our team offers competitor analysis, content creation, planning, copywriting, hashtag research, and strategy development to elevate your brand on all major platforms and boost engagement that drives sales.

SEO: To ensure your brand is seen by the right audience online, we develop your SEO strategy with in-depth research aimed at increasing traffic. Choosing the right keywords, verifying website performance, and optimizing images are some of the services we offer in addition to managing the overall strategy for your brand’s online presence.

Pay Per Click (PPC): PPC is a proven strategy to generate leads. It allows your company to target highly-relevant customers and brings them directly to your doorstep. Singh Studio specializes in Search Ads, Display Ads, Social Ads, Remarketing Ads, and Google Shopping Ads.

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